Roll-on ultra creamy capuccino

Roll-on ultra creamy, silky and flexible texture for a pleasant hair removal and a delicate start.

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Quantity Box of 20 pcs.


The Roll-on Devilflax hair removal system is optimal for those professionals who seek to achieve the best results. The resins with which they are manufactured can be used at a higher temperature than low fusion wax, with the advantage that is applied by a finer strip. Thus, the wax cools almost instantly and the sensation of heat in the skin is minimized.

Roll-on ultra creamy cotton: its texture, color and aroma provide a feeling of warmth and well-being in the cabin.


• Un solo uso
• Higiénico
• Sin sensación de calor
• Rápido
• Efectivo
• Práctico
• Gran variedad
• Duradero