Pure Vegan Low Melt Elastic Wax

100% vegan wax, without animal ingredients.
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Quantity Bag of tablets 1 kg.


All the waxes used are of vegetable origin, without preservatives, without colorants and with fragrance and no declarable allergens. The products in this line contain natural active ingredients of vegetable origin such as soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, almond oil, cottonseed oil, chamomile oil and shea butter, which are real skin regenerators, moisturizers, soothing and antioxidants. Accompanied by a special waxing protocol, Conscious Waxing, to disconnect and relax while respecting the environment.


Pure Vegan low melting elastic wax is a combination of vegetable waxes such as Sunflower and Rhus Verniciflua, which together with the resin give it a suitable texture and viscosity. They contain sunflower oil, olive oil, soybean oil and shea butter, with moisturizing and emollient properties that provide softness and flexibility to hair removal.


- Perfect dosage and fast melting
- Allows the application of thinner coats
- Dries faster, does not crack or break
- Gentle pull, does not irritate the skin
- Removes shorter hair without breakage
- Ultra moisturizing
- Suitable for any body area (facial, tattoos...)
- Highly elastic
- For all skin types, even the most sensitive ones