Moisturizing lotion

Ultra moisturizing liquid emulsion of odors. Of rapid absorption, acts on the skin without leaving fatty residue.

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Quantity Bottle 125 ml.


Parafinotherapy is a natural treatment in which we apply heat through paraffin and that results in the hydration, nutrition and repair of the skin. Used as body cosmetic, paraffin is used in the form of fine layers that exert an occlusive action in the skin by increasing its hydration levels up to 50%. Other important benefits of paraffinotherapy are its ability to relax and hydrate the skin, open pores, eliminate toxins, increase circulation and promote a very relaxing sense of calm.


• Deeply moisturizes 

• Improves skin appearance 

• Elasticizes the skin 

• Improves blood circulation 

• Promotes the absorption of active ingredients  

• Helps eliminate liquids and toxins 

• Improves contractures  

• Soothes pain and inflammation


Use: before treatment with paraffin and use at home.


With odor neutralizing agent, urea and antoin