Ultraflex Mauve Wax with Titanium Dioxide

Ultraflex Mauve Wax is a vegan, creamy, homogeneous and particularly elastic wax.
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Quantity Doypack 1Kg.


Malva Ultraflex wax is a vegan, creamy, homogeneous and especially elastic wax that has a perfect combination of a synthetic resin, several types of polymers and other raw materials that give the wax a high power of extraction of all types of hair, fine, thick, short and long, being very kind to the skin.


Its excellent elasticity allows us to apply a thin layer, with faster drying time than a normal elastic wax, but at the same time it is able to maintain its remarkable flexibility during the whole process.

  • Removes hair at the root.
  • Better dosage, fast melting.
  • Multidirectional and single use.


Indicated for depilatory and beauty treatments in all body areas. We suggest, in our protocols, the combination of the line's roll on system in large areas such as legs, arms, back and abdomen, and the low melting wax in more sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarms and face.


Malva Ultraflex wax contains titanium dioxide in its formulation, which makes the wax more selective and has a greater affinity for the hair than for the skin, being very respectful of the skin at the time of hair extraction. Its formulation together with its texture allows to work at the same time as the hair. professional in a simpler and faster way than usual, besides being aesthetically spectacular.