Creamy low melting wax plus Mauve

Low melting wax creamy plus: Flexible, they allow the application of a thin layer reducing the sensation of heat.

Bag of 1 kg of wax in pastilles.

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Quantity Bag 1 kg


Waxing with low melting waxes DEPILFLAX is very effective in hair removal. Its special formulation based on natural beeswax and high quality rosins prepares the skin by softening the pore. Its adherence is total, so it extracts the hair from the skin.
the root, thus delaying its appearance. To obtain an elastic and creamy consistency at room temperature, some of our waxes are made with titanium dioxide. In this way, we achieve a lower melting point that favors hair removal.


Creamy low-melting wax plus Mauve: With its intense color, it is ideal for men's hair because of its great starting power.


- Perfect adhesion
- Perfect extensibility
- Maximum elasticity
- Softens the pore
- Excellent start-up
- Delays the appearance of hair
- High yield
- Great variety