Ultra creamy liposolble wax Creamy Pink

Temperate losoluble wax in can. Of a single use, semi -solid at room temperature. Silly and flexible texture for a pleasant hair removal and a delicate start.

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Quantity Can D100, 400ml/800ml


Colophony (pine resin) and vegetable oils are the main ingredients of the temperate fat -soluble wax. Of very adherent texture, it is resistant to drying and must be withdrawn with depilflax hygienic bands. Its temperate temperature is suitable for tired legs or with circulatory problems.


Temperate liposolunle wax in ultra creamy Creamy Pink: creamy wax with a pleasant texture thanks to its greater concentration of titanium dioxide.


• Hygienic
• Single use only
• Easy application
• Do not dry
• Great adhesion and starter power
• Ideal for small areas
• Great performance