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Concha Vela

Stoeticist for 40 years, I study kinesiology, holistic aesthetic, aromotherapy, auriculotherapy, reiki, SIATSHU, sports massage, piroche method based on MTC Tradition , Epigenetic and recently yoga, in addition to all the formations in products and treatments of the different commercial houses.

My aesthetic approach always goes hand in hand with the inner balance and how it has an impact on our health and our beauty, I have been investigating all my life and I still study in this regard. Vital Beauty by the hand of Maystar collects that concern to offer the best to each person integrating everything that influences our health and our well -being, giving an input and an innovative concept taking so many years in aesthetics it is not easy for it to That a treatment or a product surprises you, but Maystar with achieves by its R&D already marks a solid base in any company and if it is also completed with more than one patent it is like arriving the Everest of the cosmetics, this together with the concept Vital Beauty Global Beauty to have global results, quality very competitive price and an emotional salary that comes from the hand of all the people who form this wonderful family the decision is for crushing logic
Maystar Vital Beauty is an experience in Toodooos its aspects, such as the feeling of letting you invite you to a trip where you will discover new worlds

Thank you for helping me unfortunate the aroma that I carry inside

Madrid Concha Vela beauty center

687 87 55 31

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