Moisturizing lotion

Ultra-moisturizing liquid emulsion that neutralizes odors. Rapidly absorbed, it acts on the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

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Quantity Can 125 ml.


Paraffin therapy is a natural treatment in which we apply heat by means of kerosene that results in hydration, nutrition and repair of the skin. Used as a body cosmetic, kerosene is used in the form of thin layers that exert an occlusive action on the skin, increasing its hydration levels by up to 50%. Other important benefits of paraffin therapy are its ability to relax and moisturize the skin, open pores, eliminate toxins, increase circulation and promote a very relaxing feeling of calm.


- Deeply moisturizes

- Improves skin appearance

- Elasticizes the skin

- Improves blood circulation

- Promotes the absorption of active ingredients

- Helps eliminate liquids and toxins

- Improves contractures

- Soothes pain and inflammation


Use: before kerosene treatment and for home use.


With odor neutralizing agent, Urea and Allantoin