Mint and Monoï de Tahiti paraffin

Restorative-tank of the skin of hands and feet. Tahiti's monkey balances the natural hydrolypid mantle of the skin, makes it more elastic and provides a great ability to retain moisture. Thanks to mint oil tone and cool the skin.

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Quantity 24 trays of 500 gr.


Paraffin therapy is a natural treatment in which we apply heat through paraffin and that results in hydration, nutrition and skin repair. Used as a body cosmetic, paraffin is used in the form of thin layers that exert an occlusive action on the skin, increasing their hydration levels by up to 50%. Other important benefits of paraffinotherapy are its ability to relax and hydrate the skin, open the pores, remove toxins, increase circulation and promote a very relaxing feeling of calm.


• Deeply moisturizes 

• Improves skin appearance 

• Elasticizes the skin 

• Improves blood circulation 

• Promotes the absorption of active ingredients  

• Helps eliminate liquids and toxins 

• Improves contractures  

• Soothes pain and inflammation