Terms and Conditions

DEPILFLAX launches a new online sales service for you to buy your depilatory products from your computer at www.depilflax.es

Besides, you will be able to enjoy promotions and special offers, exclusively designed for you.

Thus, we invite you to go through the general conditions which regulate DEPILFLAX products purchase from this Website Basically, whenever entering this Website, you consent and accept the present general conditions. Nevertheless, in the case you have reservations about these Conditions, you are kindly requested to contact our Customer Service Center at atencioncliente@depilflax.es


The following Conditions regulate the products sale displayed in this Web by the Company:

Corporate Name: MAYSTAR S.L.

Corporate Address: Pol. Ind. Roques Planes. C/ Sol Ponent 12-14, 43830 Torredembarra

Telephone Number: 977 130 057

Fax: 977 641 962

Email: atencioncliente@depilflax.es

Registration Data: the company MAYSTAR S.L. is registered at the Trade Register of Tarragona, page T11075; sheet 153; volume 1192.


Website content ownership.

All illustrations, designs, icons, graphics, pictures, images and whatever other items pertaining thereto, are the sole ownership of MAYSTAR, S.L.

The elements of this Web are designed with the purpose of selling the products identified by the brand DEPILFLAX. The copy or use of these elements does not entail the transfer of any right over them. Thus, the reproduction, the publication, the transfer, the modification or the distribution of the configuring elements of this Website (software included), by any means, are strictly prohibited.



Should you have any reservation, question or suggestion, you can contact us by email or post at:


Pol. Ind. Roques Planes. C/ Sol Ponent 12-14, 43830 Torredembarra

Telephone Number: 977 130 057

Fax: 977 641 962

Email: atencioncliente@depilflax.es

Working days: from Monday to Friday from 9.00 A.M. to 17.00 P.M.


Personal Data Protection

In order to visit www.depilflax.es, it is not necessary to provide any personal information. However, if you wish to purchase, you shall fill in our form with your data in order to process your request. You are the sole responsible for the truthfulness of the supplied data.

The data you shall provide will be registered in a file whose responsible is MAYSTAR S.L. and, as informed at the bottom of the form, you can exercise your rights to access, cancell, opposition and object over these data by contacting Maystar, S.L., at Pol. Ind. Roques Planes. C/ Sol Ponent 12-14, 43830 Torredembarra.

You are responsible for the use of your password and login. We recommend to keep your password secret and close the search engine after each visit. You shall know that MAYSTAR S.L. will never request your password and/or telephone number by email.

Responsibility exclusion

Any information related to MAYSTAR S.L. which shall be found or distributed over other websites, emails, forums or similar, shall be truthful considered whenever stated exclusively in the present Website.

The user is aware of the existence of viruses, worms and other harmful elements on the network. The user shall be responsible for using the appropriate tools in order to detect and clean the afore mentioned and MAYSTAR S.L. shall not be held responsible for the damages caused to the user units in the course of its access to the Website.


The access to the webportal requires the services and supplies of other services providers of information technology, whose liability, quality, continuity and operation can not be controled by Maystar, therefore, the Company shall not be held responsible whenever the services provided by means of the webportal are suspended, cancelled or unaccessible at any time.

Maystar shall not be held responsible for the damages of any type caused to the user, due to telecommunications network disconnections.

The use of any content and service of this Web for unlawful or prejudicial purposes to MAYSTAR, S.L. or third parties rights and concerns, or which may in any way harm, disable, overcharge, damage or prevent the normal use of the present webportal, is strictly prohibited.

The user goes through and accepts the rules of the present legal notice.


Purchase warranties

The items for sale are exclusively for beauty professionals, for this reason, to access to the professional area of DEPILFLAX on-line shop you must submit a copy of the IAE, last receipt of autonomous or any other document required by the Customer Department of MAYSTAR, SL.

Special offers, promotions or discounts shall be valid up to the indicated date or end of stocks.


Purchase process

The articles to purchase shall be selected and added to the shopping cart by clicking on the related icon.

The shopping cart shall display the reference of the selected item and its price in euros (tax included).

WARNING: the price is freight excluded stated, the fares range depending on the destination.

The personal data shall be requested within the PO and the afore mentioned will be registered in our database to process the PO and facilitate further purchases at www.depilflax.es you will be able to access your personal data, as well as all your POs information. Please, remember that the personal data shall be exactly supplied in order to prevent confusions or incidents in the course of the purchased article/s shipment. Besides, you will receive information and publications related to DEPILFLAX by post and/or email, if so requested.

Once the PO is placed, a summary shall be displayed, identifying the purchased item, its total price (freight and tax included) and the shipment data. The PO shall be completed by clicking on the “Accept Purchase” button.

Purchases shall be paid by means of credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and4B). Any other payment methods shall not be accepted. The payment shall be cashed online, which means executed on real time through the payment gateway of the associated financial institution, once the truthfulness of the provided data is confirmed.

Once the transaction is completed, the PO number shall be generated by the Webpage in itself, in order to track it at any time.

Likewise, an email shall be sent, with the description of the PO and the supplied personal data. Whenever this email is not received, it shall be due to a transitory network communications problem or a typo in the email address. In both cases, we recommend to contact MAYSTAR, S.L.

Whenever the PO is issued and our warehouse detects a lack of any product related to the afore mentioned in the stock, the customer shall be immediately notified. Besides, the credited purchase price shall be reimbursed within a few days.

You can not use the Cash for Ceuta, Melilla, Baleares and Canary Islands. 

Currency and taxes

The prices in this Website are displayed in EUROS.

According to the law in force, MAYSTAR, S.L. is requested to charge the VAT in Spain. The VAT shall be applied according to its legal rate.

Once the purchase order is completed and prior to the payment, a final summary shall be displayed, identifying the purchased item/s and their total price (tax and freight included).


Payment method and security

The purpose of MAYSTAR, S.L. is to securize the payment method to its extend, therefore the Company always works with secured payment systems and first line financial entities in the electronic trade field. Thus, the payment confidential data are encrypted and directly processed (SSL) by the corresponding financial institution.

The purpose of MAYSTAR, S.L. is also to cooperate against fraud prevention on the Internet,  therefore the Company reserves the right to verify the personal date provided by the customer and adopt all necessary measures (PO cancellation included) in order to deliver the purchased goods accordingly with the data displayed on the PO.



The shipment of the articles purchased at www.depilflax.es shall be carried out by a courier company and will be delivered within a 7 to 10 working days period approximately.

I order to prevent delivery incidents (wrong addresses, nobody at home, etc.), it is necessary to strictly fill in the related form and highly recommended to fill in the telephone contact number box.

Exclusive sale for Nacional territory.


The price of the shipment shall be calculated according to the destination and the purchased articles.

The exact amount of the shipment will be calculated by adding each article to the shopping cart and shall be displayed on the page summing-up the purchase, prior confirming the PO by clicking on the “Accept Purchase” button and prior introducing the credit or debit card data.

It shall not be possible to ship orders to military bases or P.O. boxes.


The shipment costs may be modified at any moment without prior notice. Such modification shall be applicable once included in the help pages and the contract published in the present Website. In any case, the shipment costs displayed while placing the PO shall be valid.


Exchanges and/or returns for the European Union

Whenever you are not pleased upon delivery of the goods, MAYSTAR, S.L. allows to exchange or return them within a thirty (30) days period from the receipt date, provided that the product has not been used, unsealed or damaged. Thus, MAYSTAR, S.L. shall not accept exchanges or returns whenever the products are damaged or have been used or without their original packaging, provided that it does not relate to a manufacturing defect or the bad condition of the product.

In order to realize an exchange or a return, the related form in the Website shall be dully filled in.

The exchange or return may be carried out by post (we recommend to realize it by means of registered post or acknowledgement) to:



Pol. Ind. Roques Planes. C/ Sol Ponent 12-14, 43830 Torredembarra

Telephone number: 977 130 057

Fax: 977 641 962

Email: atencioncliente@depilflax.es


Exchanges and/or returns by post

The return of the purchased products against reimbursement may be realized by ordinary mail. Any return shall be carried out in its original packaging with the corresponding form filled in.

Upon receipt of the product/s, MAYSTAR, S.L.  will check the indicated defect and proceed to replace, as well as request from the corresponding Credit Entity to charge the reimbursement to the used credit card whenever it relates to a reimbursement. The shipment costs of the products to exchange or return, by post or courier company, will be chargeable to the customer, MAYSTAR, S.L. will never accept, in any case, returns shipped collect on delivery.

In case of returns carried out by means of ordinary mail, we recommend to realize the shipping  by means of registered post  or acknowledgement.

In the case MAYSTAR, S.L. may ship a different item from the requested one or that the quality of the afore mentioned is not appropriate, the Company, upon checking of the mistake or defect, shall cash the proportional part of the shipment costs (round trip) related to the defective product, after requesting the return shipment costs receipt to the customer.

Working days

You can purchase at DEPILFLAX SHOP 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the whole year.


Law and jurisdiction authority

The purchase transactions are to be understood as realized at MAYSTAR, S.L. residence. In order to settle any lawsuit derived from the present contract or legal act, the parties expressly waive jurisdiction and residence and submit to the Courts of Tarragona.