Waxing experts

Depilflax — our market-leading waxing brand — is renowned among wax users.

We’re waxing experts with a wide selection of waxing and pre- and post-depilatory cosmetics. We deliver added value to our clients with our premium hair-removal treatments and complementary products that meet the needs of even the most demanding beauticians.

All Depilflax products are made from the best ingredients. In line with our values, we use all-natural active principles in our innovative formulas, which are always designed to care equally for skin and the environment.

Our R&D and Innovation department tirelessly applies the scientific rigour and professionalism to new product development that have set us apart for the past 30 years.

DEPILFLAX. Quality. Effectiveness. Service.

Patented Waxing System

Maystar was founded in 1984 when dynamic young entrepreneur Jesús Bonán Solé started handcrafting hair-removal waxes and cosmetic products in his garage. His idea was as simple as it was ambitious —to provide beauty salons with premium-quality products that created differential value. The company took its first big step in 1991 when Jesús Bonán Solé invented and patented the innovative roll-on system that would revolutionize the global waxing market and set the company — which now sells its products in 65 countries — on the road to expansion and internationalization. Is still the world’s most imitated roll-on system.

Maystar is committed to:

  • Health and well-being, encapsulated by a healthy appearance and lifestyle.

  • The environment, minimizing our processes' and services' environmental impact and preserving our natural surroundings.

  • Our partners, helping them achieve a healthy work–life balance and develop their full potential.


To create value by providing the best possible product and service. To foster customer identification with the company.


To set a benchmark for innovation and profitability and become a world leader in hair removal and cosmetics products.